The Chief Justice Of India TS Thakur dismisses claims of growing Intolerance in India 



The Chief Justice Of India TS Thakur asserts that There’s NO‪ ‎Intolerance against any community in India. He also clearly states that there’s “Politics Involved” in this intolerance debate.

Why should we believe him ? Why not believe our HEROs like Amir Khan & Shahrukh Khan ?

1. The CJI is the head of entire Judiciary & ‪‎MODI‬ can’t pressurize him to say so.

2. In past also, he has NOT received any patronage from BJP,

3. He is not merely “expressing his opinion” but he is ASSURING security by saying – “No citizen will be victimized as long as Judiciary is functioning free & no one should feel threatened.”

On the other hand, those who are peddling the intolerance drama, they are not quoting “why they feel so“, but simply exercising their “freedom of expression” to spread fear that serves their POLITICAL interests.


1. AMIR Khan had declared PM Modi – a mass murder & guilty of Gujrat even before the verdict from court was out.

2. The Award Wapsi Bregade is full of people who signed on a petition that – “Mr. Modi should not become a PM”.

3. Journalists Like Rajdeep, Sagarika, Shobha dey have made a career out of “Godhra” & “2002”, while there have been bigger riots & even genocides under Congress rule

4. Some of the Journos have even accepted positions, awards, flats, overnight promotions etc during congress rule.Owning a private Chopper, for a Journo is no white collar task.

5. Past opinions of Amir Khan on – Chetan Bhagat’s book, AIB’s episode, Award events, importance of voting, secularism, coalition government have been of blatant hypocrisy. Then why should we consider his opinion on INTOLERANCE as a genuine one?

Of course you are entitled to your opinion Mr. Khan, but when you are a celebrity, your opinion hits international headlines, & ONE irresponsible announcement of your opinion can shame the entire nation. So frame your opinion based on facts & not on political affiliations.

And you yourself said that it was “bizarre” to say that “we should leave the country” by Kiran Rao, Then what made you go public with this bizarre statement ? Not only you drew the attention of international media to a nonexistent Intolerant atmosphere in India, you also made a huge section of Muslims feel insecure in India.

(To have a detailed look into all those opinions of Amir Khan, over the years, that later proved out to be of utter hypocrisy,  List of 10 hypocrisies)

So, the supreme court head, who is obliged by NO ONE, has rejected any atmosphere of INTOLERANCE outright.

And those who are helping this rumor go viral, are clearly politically motivated, (as I have proved it above)

Choice is entirely yours!


Still not convinced about your choice ? I will give some more evidence – data that will expose the drama of Intolerance inside out“Growing Intolerance” – Busting the Myth with data & logic

– Nishant Das