Take a look at PM Modi’s schedule of just one fortnight


27th November- Friday- He attended both Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
28th November- Saturday- Lunch with Media members at BJP HQ
29th November- Sunday- Mann ki baat – stressed on climate issues
30th November- Monday- Flew to Paris & attended the global summit on climate change.
1st December- Tuesday- Back from Paris & straight into Rajya Sabha to speak on Ambedkar.

Mind you, all this was preceded by a bilateral meet with ‪‎UK & then the G20 summit in Turkey in this fortnight itself. And he is scheduled to leave for Russia next!

Irrespective of what he may achieve, we must bow to this man’s unquestionable dedication to his work!

No ‪‎weekends, No overtime allowances, No comp-offs for work on holidays, HATs OFF Mr. Modi, the nation remains obliged to you.

Make no mistake, he did not simply address the countries in Paris but he roared like a LION, on behalf of DEVELOPING countries, he told the DEVELOPED countries NOT to shift the burden of reducing emissions only to the developing countries.

Add to it the fact that the margin for error in his speeches is so less, that even if a single word from his mouth, has a religious connotation remotely, the ‪MEDIA (both national & International) will debate on it for AGES, cancel VISAs etc etc.


“Hard work never brings Fatigue, it brings satisfaction”
– Narendra Modi (& PM Modi’s schedule says the same)

And he practices what he preaches. These are not merely his words, his actions prove the essence of these words.

So, for those of you who want an “answer” from PM Modi on every sneeze of minorities, and for those who want his “resignation” on every cough that other BJP leaders make, ask yourselves first,

– how much work are you capable of doing?
– how many “cautious” speeches can you make daily?
– after putting in hard work day in & day out even over weekends, will u bear criticism for a few isolated incidents that went wrong ?

In short, have a look at your OWN routine before questioning PM Modi’s schedule.

Love him or hate him, got to respect him!

Dear PM Modi, you don’t have to give “clarifications & explanaions” to the whining of those who signed on a petition that you should never become a PM. Let them return their awards. You have bigger things to do for the nation & we are with you.

– Nishant Das