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8 points of Comparison between Modi and Congress

Well, there’s no true yardstick for comparison between Modi and Congress, because you can’t compare a Visionary with a Mercenary. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some ¬†appalling differences in the expenses & the working styles of Modi and Congress.


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Befitting rebuttal to all the allegations of Kejriwal in PS Rajendra Kumar CBI Raids

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Here are the 7 stupid allegations of Kejriwal on Rajendra Kumar  Issue

1. Narendra Modi a coward & a Psychopath !

  • Have any of you ever heard Modi calling names to this moron?
  • This moron retweeted vishal Dadhlani’s tweet in which he called Modi a mass murderer, did Modi retaliate with any filthy language ?
  • This moron & his brain dead AAPtards are crying foul saying – “How can you raid the office of a democratically elected CM’s office”. Wow fools, how can you hurl such abuses to a democratically elected PM then ?

If there’s nothing wrong happening In CM’s office then why is the lord of honesty Mr. Arvind Kejriwal scared of the raids even if the raids were in his office ?

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