10 examples of Aamir Khan’s Hypocrisy



Here’s how Mr. Perfectionist has earned himself a new name – Mr. Pretentionist!

  1. He Denies the opening credits to Chetan Bhagat for the story line of 3 IDIOTS but when Chetan Bhagat asks him whether he had read the book – “5 point someone”, Amir admits that he hasn’t read the book. Wallah! how in the heaven did Aamir understand that his movie 3 Idiots was NOT an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s book? (whether it was or it wasn’t is a separate question altogether).
  1. He labels the language used in AIB’s roast episode as derogatory, suggests that AIB shouldn’t hurt people’s sentiments but the same man, Aamir Khan, justifies the Language used in the movie DELHI BELLY (his production) as the youth’s language !, says, if you can’t stand its language then don’t watch it. Genius!

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