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8 points of Comparison between Modi and Congress

Well, there’s no true yardstick for comparison between Modi and Congress, because you can’t compare a Visionary with a Mercenary. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some ¬†appalling differences in the expenses & the working styles of Modi and Congress.


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Vendetta politics by Congress or BJP ? last 13 years?

7 proofs of Vendetta politics by Congress



If the courts’s summon to the Gandhi is vendetta politics by BJP, then congress has been doing it for last 13 years!

Before 2014, BJP stalled the Parliament. Reason was “Congress did corruption”

However, Congress is stalling the Parliament now, but ironically, the reason is again – “Congress did corruption” ! (And the court issue Summon)

Baseless, as it is, to call this notice to Sonia & Rahul Gandhi – a political Vendetta. Because it’s the COURT that issued the summon, not BJP.

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