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13 examples of the Social media knocking down the Mainstream Media

Here are 13 examples where the Social media has knocked down the Mainstream Media for its “selective outrage” or “one sided reporting of social issues”


  1. Shahrukh Khan, who felt “there’s growing Intolerance” during a month back, realised that “there’s no intolerance in India” after seeing the rigorous campaign against “Dilwale” on social Media causing a dent in the advance bookings of his movie. The chameleon came out saying “I never said ther’s intolerance in India, nobody was intolerant to me, India is great & it’s in the best state it could be”. Mr. Hypocrite number 2, When the country’s name was getting shamed in international newspapers, why didn’t you clarify that you had NOT said “there’s increasing Intolerance everywhere in India” ?, Just to pursue your political motives in Bihar elections, you shamed the nation ?

SRK clearly says there is extreme growing intolerance in India

Sharukh changes his stand just before release of Dilwale

  1. It was the rigorous campaign on Social Media due to which Sarvajeet Singh got his job back. He was falsely charged of eve teasing by Jasleen Kaur. The electronic media had jumped to declaring Sarvajeet a pervert & grorifying the AAP supporter Jasleen Kaur. Thanks to SM, the next day all major news channels interviewed Sarvjeet, later to find Jasleen avoiding direct questions & walking out of Interviews.
  1. Snapdeal was forced to remove pictures of Aamir Khan from its cover pages on its Facebook & Twillet Accounts after 1 Lkh people broke their “Dil ki Deal” with Snapdeal by uninstalling their App.


  1. The well know “secular” journalist Barkha Dutt is regretting her deeds every time she looks at the rating of her book reduce from 4.5 to 1.6 within 2 days of her book lunch.


  1. The “secular” hypocrisy of the paid journos got busted when they kept chanting Dadri-chalisa for ages but pushed aside the daylight murder of Prashant Poojary, who was killed for voicing against illegal cow slaughter. Without Social Media, we won’t have known the selective outrage of the pressitutes when a Muslim is killed as compared to their lack of outrage when a Hindu is killed.
  1. When journalists like sagarika ghose & Rana Ayyub spread rumours about Mod’s foreign visits, like a false cost of his suit, Louie Vuitton Shawl (which it wasn’t), every time, someone or the other comes out to bust these lies by putting up evidence on Social Media.


  1. IFS officer Vivek Kumar dismissed allegations of journalist Mihir Sharma after the presstitute said Modi was not wearing headphones (which are used to listen translations) in French meeting. He said on Twitter – “Wanted to let you know about an invention called single ear earphones.”


  1. When Modi haters trended #ModiDisrespectsTricolor, shaming the nation just to pursue their political agenda, the clarification came on TWITTER – “Story about PM Modi disrespecting the tricolor is false and mischievous. PM didn’t autograph the flag. The flag autographed by PM Modi was a design made by an enthusiastic child with unique abilities. It is not the tricolour.”


  1. Thanks to Social Media, we know that the “Intolerance” drama had no substance to it, the number of communal incidents had actually come down in the tenure of Modi.
  1. The MSM would have never shown the history of Award returning brigade, their history of accepting patronage from congress, signing on petitions against Modi, how they kept mum during the riots & genocides that took place during Congress’ rule. Hence, their hypocrisy would never have come to surface if not for Social Media.
  1. Only due to Social media we get to know Rajdeep, sagarika & shobhaa dey peddle their anti-Hindu agenda by hurting sentiments of Hindus on the name of “freedom of expression” by tweeting “I ate Beef, come & kill me”, But these people go to hibernation when freedom of expression of A R Rehman & cartoonists of Chalie Hebdo are crushed by Peacefuls.


  1. It’s in Social Media we can see the pseudo secularism of Barkha Dutt & Nikhil Wagle in full swing during Hindu festivals when they criticize Rakhi, Kara chauth, Holi, Diwali but keep mum on massive slaughter on Bakrid & tree cutting during X-Mas.
  2. Tuktuki Mandal, a class 10 teenager, paid the penalty of being Hindu in a TMC ruled West Bengal, when Muslim goons abducted her & police as usual pushed the issue under the carpet pertaining to the fact that the culprit belonged to the “minority” vote bank of Mamata “Di”. Thanks to an extensive social media campaign demanding her ‘return’, at least her case caught the eye of national & international Human rights activists & finally she was rescued after 75 days. If not for social media, she would have vanished in thin air like thousands of “Kafir” girls do in “minority” infested regions of India!



– Nishant Das


  1. Also Tuktuki Mondal abduction case in west bengal was hushed up by presstitutes, only social media pressure got her rescued

  2. Hi, this is a very good article. My only suggestion is to go through the content once before publishing. There are few spelling mistakes.


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