Watch how Smriti Irani takes on Mayawati in Rajya Sabha on Rohith Vemula issue (Provided by Times Now)


Day 2 of Budget session saw a heated altercation between HRD minister Smriti Irani & the so called Messiah of Dalits – Mayawati.  As a result of which, the session had to be adjourned.

Mayawati & the opposition attempted to paint the government as anti Dalit by raising the issue of Rohith Vemula (so called Dalit, or is he ?).

The fire brand minister Smriti Irani aggressively gave factual rebuttal to all points raised by Mayawati, citing evidences. She also challenged the entire opposition to hold a discussion instead of disruption assuring that she will retort to all the allegations. But the opposition, hell bent on not allowing the government to proceed with development, continued sloganeering – “BJP is anti Dalit …”

When Smriti Irani started giving pin pointed answers to every allegation, the opposition resoted to disruption.

The speaker of the Rajya Sabha continued to urge the disrupters telling them that BJP is ready to answer, so please the parliament proceed, but  he finally succumbed to the disruption, adjourning the parliament.

Smriti Irani takes on Mayawati (video courtesy Times Now)

– Nishant Das ( Follow me on Facebook)