Former Home Secretary GK Pillai said the Congress party intervened in the investigation of the Ishrat Jahan case. In an exclusive interview with Times Now, when he was asked about contradictory affidavits filed by MHA on Ishrat, Pillai said that it was not done at his level but at a political level.  He said – “This is something to be asked to the politicians”, thereby clearly hinting at Political pressure by congress to hide Ishrat’s LeT connection.ishratjahan3x2

Basically there were 2 Affidavits filed by MHA – the first one had clearly cited the involvement of LeT And Ishrat’s connection to them, while the 2nd one, that was filed after 2 months had no mention of LeT’s involvement. Thus they were contradictory Affidavits.

Here are the excerpts from G K Pillai’s interview , he said : –

  1. IB had enticed and trapped them and then targeted them. We used a source who they (LeT) thought was their source. It is always better to know your enemy as he is coming in rather than wait for him to plan an operation on his own without our knowledge. Our source had in fact told that ‘look if you come in you can target Modi and other high profile people’ and the LeT decided to come in.
  2. The matter was politicized unnecessarily and a CBI inquiry was not required.
  3. CBI had indulged in leaks. They should have exercised extreme discretion. If i was the home secretary, I would have called the director CBI and said look this is unacceptable. I personally would have not recommended a CBI probe into this case.
  4. Ishrat was a cover. This was an intel operation involving the LeT. If it was an intel operation, then you should not talk about fake encounter. We should make that distinction. We can’t mix up the two. Ishrat knew that something was wrong. An unmarried Muslim girl went with a married person, spent nights with him as husband and wife. She was a cover for them.
  5. It’s true that morale came down of the IB. IB operations are not strictly within the ambit of the law. That’s how it is all around the world.

This revelation, in addition to the recent confessions of David Headley about Ishrat Jahan being a part of LeT’s woman wing, reinforces the claims of Congress having used CBI to gain political mileage from Ishrat’s killing.

BJP’s stand over Ishrat Jahan’s case stands vindicated as they have long been asserting how Congress & other so called secular parties have been trying to frame Modi government in Gujrat by labelling the Ishrat Jahan case as a “fake encounter”.

The more this case unfolds, the more the dirty politics of “secularism” comes to surface. Some pertinent take aways  :

  • A successful operation carried out by IB officers, is turned against them & they are scrutinized to provide proof.  While they risk their lives, politics goes on & on.
  • The political vultures like Owaisi, Nitish Kumar etc joined in with congress just because Ishrat Jahan belongs to a certain community & framing Modi by labeling it as a fake encounter, gives them electoral benefits.
  • Our Pseudo secular gang of politicians can overlook national security issues, just to earn political brownie points.

Anyway, Truth Prevails. सत्यमेव जयते !

See the interview here  :

– Nishant Das ( Follow me on Facebook)