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13 examples of the Social media knocking down the Mainstream Media

Here are 13 examples where the Social media has knocked down the Mainstream Media for its “selective outrage” or “one sided reporting of social issues”


  1. Shahrukh Khan, who felt “there’s growing Intolerance” during a month back, realised that “there’s no intolerance in India” after seeing the rigorous campaign against “Dilwale” on social Media causing a dent in the advance bookings of his movie. The chameleon came out saying “I never said ther’s intolerance in India, nobody was intolerant to me, India is great & it’s in the best state it could be”. Mr. Hypocrite number 2, When the country’s name was getting shamed in international newspapers, why didn’t you clarify that you had NOT said “there’s increasing Intolerance everywhere in India” ?, Just to pursue your political motives in Bihar elections, you shamed the nation ?

SRK clearly says there is extreme growing intolerance in India

Sharukh changes his stand just before release of Dilwale

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Kejriwal rewards cash & Job to Mohammad Afroz- the Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape


Is this what Nirbhaya deserved Mr. Kejriwal ? Is this Justice? Sympathy for the Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape ? 

3 years back, in this very month, December 2012, the cold streets of Delhi got heated up when people turned up to protest against the brutal gangrape of Nirbhaya.  Little did they know that they were about to choose a government which will sympathise with the Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape just because the culprit belonged to a community which plays a crucial role in the elections for this honest party.

  • Back then in 2012, did you not feel like hitting the shit out of the guy who first raped & then beat Nirbhaya to death with a rod?
  • Back then in 2012, did you not feel cheated when the hideous monster escaped the death punishment due to the technicalities of law ?

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Befitting rebuttal to all the allegations of Kejriwal in PS Rajendra Kumar CBI Raids

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Here are the 7 stupid allegations of Kejriwal on Rajendra Kumar  Issue

1. Narendra Modi a coward & a Psychopath !

  • Have any of you ever heard Modi calling names to this moron?
  • This moron retweeted vishal Dadhlani’s tweet in which he called Modi a mass murderer, did Modi retaliate with any filthy language ?
  • This moron & his brain dead AAPtards are crying foul saying – “How can you raid the office of a democratically elected CM’s office”. Wow fools, how can you hurl such abuses to a democratically elected PM then ?

If there’s nothing wrong happening In CM’s office then why is the lord of honesty Mr. Arvind Kejriwal scared of the raids even if the raids were in his office ?

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Vendetta politics by Congress or BJP ? last 13 years?

7 proofs of Vendetta politics by Congress



If the courts’s summon to the Gandhi is vendetta politics by BJP, then congress has been doing it for last 13 years!

Before 2014, BJP stalled the Parliament. Reason was “Congress did corruption”

However, Congress is stalling the Parliament now, but ironically, the reason is again – “Congress did corruption” ! (And the court issue Summon)

Baseless, as it is, to call this notice to Sonia & Rahul Gandhi – a political Vendetta. Because it’s the COURT that issued the summon, not BJP.

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7 Reasons why Hindutva Ideology is NOT a “communal” agenda.


PM Modi Summarizes Hindutva in just one minute in This Video

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Aamir Khan’s Hypocrisy – 10 opinions that expose his pretentious nature

10 examples of Aamir Khan’s Hypocrisy



Here’s how Mr. Perfectionist has earned himself a new name – Mr. Pretentionist!

  1. He Denies the opening credits to Chetan Bhagat for the story line of 3 IDIOTS but when Chetan Bhagat asks him whether he had read the book – “5 point someone”, Amir admits that he hasn’t read the book. Wallah! how in the heaven did Aamir understand that his movie 3 Idiots was NOT an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s book? (whether it was or it wasn’t is a separate question altogether).
  1. He labels the language used in AIB’s roast episode as derogatory, suggests that AIB shouldn’t hurt people’s sentiments but the same man, Aamir Khan, justifies the Language used in the movie DELHI BELLY (his production) as the youth’s language !, says, if you can’t stand its language then don’t watch it. Genius!

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Why believe The Chief Justice Of India’s opinion on Intolerance & not that of Amir Khan ?


The Chief Justice Of India TS Thakur dismisses claims of growing Intolerance in India 



The Chief Justice Of India TS Thakur asserts that There’s NO‪ ‎Intolerance against any community in India. He also clearly states that there’s “Politics Involved” in this intolerance debate.

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It’s “cool” to criticize HINDUISM, this makes you more Modern!


Foreigners find a spiritual connect to Hinduism while Indians continue to disdain it!



The history books keep an account of the invasions that India has withstood since the beginning of the civilization, but what they don’t record is – the intellectual depletion that has taken place over a thousand years of slavery.  Our colonial mindset doesn’t allow us to differentiate between “modernization” & “westernization”.

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A glimpse of PM Modi’s schedule -That’s how hard he works

Take a look at PM Modi’s schedule of just one fortnight

27th November- Friday- He attended both Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
28th November- Saturday- Lunch with Media members at BJP HQ
29th November- Sunday- Mann ki baat – stressed on climate issues
30th November- Monday- Flew to Paris & attended the global summit on climate change.
1st December- Tuesday- Back from Paris & straight into Rajya Sabha to speak on Ambedkar.

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“Growing Intolerance” – Busting the Myth with data & logic

Growing Intolerance : A non-existent phenomenon blown out of proportion!


I can actually prove that there’s NO “growing Intolerance” in Modi‘s India “Empirically”!

Data from the Ministry of Home Affairs on the NUMBER of incidents of communal violence nationwide :
2012 – 668
2013 – 823
2014 – 644 (of which 232 during January-May under UPA)

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