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8 points of Comparison between Modi and Congress

Well, there’s no true yardstick for comparison between Modi and Congress, because you can’t compare a Visionary with a Mercenary. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some  appalling differences in the expenses & the working styles of Modi and Congress.


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Malda like barbarism in Jharkhand now

We have already witnessed the stretching of Malda like barbarism in Purnia, Bihar.  Now a similar incident has taken place in Nawatand, in another neighboring state – Jharkhand. Nawatand is a village where Hindus are in minority. The big question is – Will the Malda like barbarism spread in every place where Hindus are less in number ?


People of Nawatand with a damaged vehicle

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Why so much love for Ghulam Ali

In the aftermath of Pathankot terrorist attack & Malda Violence, why so much love for Ghulam Ali ? If Kashmir is ranked one,(68%) then West Bengal (27%) & Kerala (26%) will follow the rankings at number 3 & number 4, if you know what I mean. Then is it a mere coincidence that so much of love for Ghulam Ali is pouring out of the hearts of the CMs of these 2 states? Continue reading

10 “Be like Bill” memes on Kejriwal you can’t miss

These are NOT memes on Kejriwal


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Achievements of Power Ministry under Piyush Goyal


Many of those who don’t want BJP to win again in 2019 may still want Piyush Goyal to continue with the Power and coal ministry. Awkward, as it may sound, the fact is, even the critics of BJP can’t deny the giant strides that power & coal ministry has taken ever since Pyush Goyal has taken office. The achievements of Power Ministry speak for themselves. Continue reading

All you need to know about Malda violence

Malda violence exposed the secularism of TMC, peace levels of the so called minorities and the  double standards of Media, Intolerance brigade & Award returners.

Pic courtesy -

Pic courtesy –

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Bajirao Mastani differences between the movie and reality

Bajirao Mastani differences between the reel & real life, are too broad to be ignored.


The movie portrays Mastani as a victim of religious bias, by the family & courtiers of Bajirao – a Hindu nationalist – a warrior and an administrator.

I do not deny that Bajirao’s family & courtiers never accepted Mastani as much as they opened arms to Kashibai (Bajirao’s patrani), but it is far from reality to show that Mastani was tortured to death by fundamentalism & orthodox radicalism of the Maratha Hindu Nationalists.

Not getting an equivalent status as that of Kashibai is one thing (this was the reality) but getting tortured to death just because of being a Muslim, is another thing totally (shown in movie).

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RAJNATH SINGH sets example of Twitter Governance

Now home minister Mr. Rajnath Singh sets an example of “Twitter Governance”. He has joined the league of cabinet ministers who have presented perfect examples of e-governance through social media.

Recently,  Mr. Rajnath Singh was approached by Santosh Maheswari, an Indian national from Gujrat, seeking help for Continue reading

Media can’t find fake Godmen in any other religion


“ढोंगी गुरु”  (self styled Fake Godmen) from ALL faiths should be brought to book. as rightly marked by Anupam Kher. Interestingly, Media can’t spot any fake Godmen in any other religion than Hinduism.

Selective outrage of Media when fake Godmen of Hindus are exposed 

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Again PM Modi’s Foreign trip targeted


This video clearly shows that PM Modi’s foreign trip targeted unreasonably, as he was prompted by officer-in-charge, in Moscow, to start walking.

PM Modi is on a two-day visit to Russia and is expected to sign major trade and defence agreements with President Vladimir Putin.
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