“ढोंगी गुरु”  (self styled Fake Godmen) from ALL faiths should be brought to book. as rightly marked by Anupam Kher. Interestingly, Media can’t spot any fake Godmen in any other religion than Hinduism.

Selective outrage of Media when fake Godmen of Hindus are exposed 

Media unfailingly debates the Hindu Babas whether guilty or innocent. Whenever fingers are raised on their teachings, allegations are made on their practices, Media

  • sensationalizes the issue as “Breaking News”
  • brings out sting operations
  • conducts extensive coverage for months
  • debates every night with 5 panelists out of which 4 are leftists

They keep giving updates until one day, the baba gets a clean chit. Suddenly, this story takes the backseat & they report this in some small corner of newspapers. nor do they apologize for jumping to conclusions. The damage done on their reputation remains unrepaired.

ELSE, If the baba proves out to be guilty, he is labeled as the FACE of Hinduism & the debates over him go on for eternity.

Why is MEDIA mum on fake godmen of the other religions ?

Have you seen extensive coverage or debates in media regarding the following godmen ?

Sufi Peer Syed Gulzar Ahmad Bhat5465

An illiterate man divorces his wife 20 years ago and then goes on to form a powerful religious institution that has a capacity to host over 500 girls. Inside details of self styled faith healer Gulzar Ahmad Bhat aka Syed Gulzar who was arrested on charges of multiple rapes.


Shahi Imam dynasty of Jama Masjid

  1. Abdullah Bukhari openly declared himself to be an ISI agent Bukhari himself claimed ISI agent and 116 cases of anti-India and inflammatory speeches and sedition are against him.
    Bukhari declares himself ISI Agentbukhari-isi-agent
  1. Syed Ahmed Bukhari Bukhari thrashes scribe over Ayodhya querydownload
    Video: Bukhari thrashes scribe over Ayodhya query
    Scribe lodges FIR against Bukhari
    FIR against Bukhari
  1. Syed Ahmed Bukhari beats up journalist
    Journalists demand CBI probe into attack on reporter
    Journalist demands CBI probe on Bukhari beating him up
  1. Journalist thrashed by Delhi Jama Masjid Imam’s supportersdownload (1)
  1. Invites nawaz sharif (PM of a country that FOUGHT 5 WARS with INDIA) but doesn’t invite our own PM



Have a look at the state in which Majority of Christian Clerics who reside mostly in Kerala – the state which houses most Christians of India.

  1. 63 priests in Kerala face criminal chargesUntitled
    A ZEE News report DNA
  2. Offences include murder, rape, molestation, assault, abduction, theft and cheating
    The country wise list Crimes by Priests/Bishops :
    List of Crimes by “Holy” Godmen
    Sunday Express 2009. Nov. 08.psd


But Hail Indian Media which somehow missed out on all these stories, because their masters only pointed them Shankaracharya, Swami Ramdev, Swamy Nityananda, Asharam Bapu, Radhe ma etc. Some of these names have been proven innocent & some are in judicial prosecution.

I am NOT defending anyone here. All I want to ask is, why target only one section ? Ether EXPOSE all or none!

– Nishant Das
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