We have already witnessed the stretching of Malda like barbarism in Purnia, Bihar.  Now a similar incident has taken place in Nawatand, in another neighboring state – Jharkhand. Nawatand is a village where Hindus are in minority. The big question is – Will the Malda like barbarism spread in every place where Hindus are less in number ?


People of Nawatand with a damaged vehicle

Nawatand is a village in Nagar Kiari Panchayat under Dhanbad district, Jharkhand. There are about 300 families of Muslims but only 20 families of Hindus in the village. The Hindus have erected a small temple on a private land.

What exactly happened :

On 16.01.2016, 7 PM evening, the Hindus of Nawatand, mostly women and children were performing their regular evening prayer at the village temple when a group of around 500 people from the nearby Muslim basti of the village rushed to the temple with sticks and swords and stones and bricks, shouting Allah Hu Akbar.

In the temple, they beat the people, broke the idols, damaged the temple and stole the donation box. But the barbarism didn’t end there. Vandalizing & ransacking like that of Malda, was to follow.

Then they entered the Hindu houses of the village and beat the men women and children & ransacked their belongings, abused them with foul language and threatened them to leave the village within 24 hours or face death.

What followed :

The Hindus were severely injured. Four of them were unconscious due to severe bleeding. Around 10 people were hospitalized in emergency. The Hindus were caught unaware and unprepared. Yet they did not run away. They, including the ladies and children gave a bold and courageous fight back with what so ever they got at their hands. They injured some of the perpetrators who were also hospitalized.

An FIR was lodged by Jeetu Mehto, as a result of which 17 people from the peaceful community have been arrested.

The police as usual did not do much promptly, they just did a cover up job. They did not arrest the real perpetrators, instead they arrested some non entities. From the next day they are pressurizing the Hindus to make a compromise.

The police are not investigating the incidence properly, their all time favorite excuse being –  “we are waiting for the tense situation to ease”.

Like in all other cases where the Muslims after, attacking Hindus, get Scot free, they will get out unscathed in this case too. This is the fate of the Hindus in the independent Bharat. There is no difference between a congress run and a BJP run state either. Whosoever is in power, the Muslims will do the Jihad and go unpunished.

No wonder, Media kept mum, because we are extra-Secular to say the least. They best they could come up with was – “mistakes are mistakes and are committed by the human”. 

The Protest :

On 26th January, an active organization “Tarun Hindu” held a sitting demonstration in the court square. Around 5 hundred people gathered there to protest against the attack of Muslims on the temple of Nawatand of Dhanbad. They demanded prompt action by the administration. They also demanded that all the special facilities and the grants that are given to the Muslims of India be promptly stopped. A memorandum was also handed over to the DC of Dhanbad.

The local Hindus of Nawatand are terrified. They are thankful to “Tarun Hindu Sangh” & Dr. N. M. Das (Founder – Tarun Hindu) for withstanding them.

People of Nawatand and Tarun Hindu members (Dr. N. M. Das) giving a demonstration in front of the DC office of Dhanbad

This kind of oppression of Hindus, wherever they are in minority, is not new. We have seen in a village of Siwan, Bihar, last year, the temples were looted & Vandalized. Hindu children were forced to wear skull caps. The burning questions are :

  1. Are these the indications of the tough times ahead ?
  2. Even inside India, wherever the Muslim population exceeds that of Hindus, are these atrocities naturally expected ?
  3. What is the take of “Moderate” Muslims & the Adarsh Liberals on this ? Why don’t they sing secularism in these cases ?

– Tarun Hindu