As the activists & the journalists in India, all of a sudden, felt the dire need to uphold the rights of Hindu women, as if Hinduism was the most male chauvinistic doctrine of them all, it’s high time we brought to surface some of the deep rooted misogynistic teachings of Christianity.  Let’s see the break-down of Pope Paul’s sermons on why wives should submit to their husbands, evidently, a justification of the inferior status of women in Christianity.


In an article by Dr. Thampu in Christian Magazine circulated widely in Kerala, Pope Paul’s message to the wives is explained.
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Here’s the long & short of it, a para by para summary of the account, a clear proof of Inferior status of Women in Christianity:

(PS. The sentences in double quotes (“”) are directly taken from the original text. The Red coloured text represents my views.)

  • The opening paragraph of the article suggests that it is an “acknowledgement of the crucial importance of the wife” in a family, saying – “this truth was known to Satan, hence he targeted Eve first”, But not because Eve (symbolic of women) was weak.

  • However, it turns out that this was just a camouflage to reach to a completely opposite conclusion in the end – “The PROBLEM with Eve was not only that she DISOBEYED God….” So if the wife (who should submit to her husband in the same manner in which she submits to GOD as per “The proper submission of the wife to the husband ‘as to the Lord’ calls for spiritual strength and wisdom.”) refuses to blindly obey her husband, definitely has a PROBLEM & hence Satan picked her. The husband can never be at fault.

  • Two reasons why wives should obey/submit to husbands –
    1. Only the STRONG can submit (means: wife is stronger), the weak is helpless & bound to submit anyway. (Does Paul admit that husbands are weak? Or it’s just a lollipop for the wives to melt & submit?)

    2. Submission is spiritually valid, it’s a sacrament. (And who decides what’s spiritually valid, the male chauvinist popes or texts only right?)

  • A husband has to earn the spiritual submission of his wife by submitting himself, first, to Jesus Christ. Coerced submission is a sin and an insult to human dignity.” Nice NEUTRAL words right? But here comes the gender bias. It mean, basically, all that a husband needs to do is “submit” (remain loyal BLINDLY) to Jesus (the church/the pope/ the bishops). In return, the “Jesus ke dalaal” will write articles like these – “Submission is the medium through which a wife ministers to, and empowers, her husband”. Yes these 2 lines quoted here, are part of the same paragraph.

  • Through this redemptive and self-emptying submission, the wife ministers to her husband in his need to be more and more like Jesus” (and why shouldn’t the husband SUBMIT so that his wife can reach spiritual heights?)

  • Submission is the godly investment she makes into enabling her man to be Christ-like in his vocation as a husband” (Are women not supposed to attain salvation).

  • A rebellious wife is a spiritual stumbling block in the life of her husband.” (and what if the husband provokes her to behave rebellious?)

  • “The wife is, therefore, required to submit to her husband ‘as to the Lord‘. This does not mean, “as unconditionally as you would submit to the Lord”. It means, “submit to your husband as gladly and wholehearted as you would to the Lord, provided that the substance and goal of your submission are Christ-oriented.” (so ? in a way, doesn’t it eventually mean that treat your husband like the lord UNCONDITIONALLY ? )

  • “Emotional insecurity, as we have seen, nags the most confident-looking male in the world, because of the power-orientation inherent in the nature of man. The rebelliousness of the wife aggravates this disease and mortally infects the relationship between them. The characteristic symptom of the male sickness of power-induced insecurity is the inability to love.” (SO, as per them, the problem (insecurity complex) is with the man, which induces inability to love), still “The wife has a duty to enable her husband to shift from the foundation of power to that of love not only because that way alone lies the prospect of her being loved by her husband, but also because it is the will of God for her in her vocation as a wife” (not addressing the fault of the man is clear proof of male chauvinism).

  • “Power cannot be detoxified by power”. Men’s power can’t be detoxified by women’s power. (Then why should it be the women who should submit always? Can’t they meet the half way?)

  • And here’s the epic hypocrisy:
    WOMEN ARE STRONG (hence women should submit)
    1. Earlier he said “women are STRONG and hence they should submit. The WEAK(the Men) are helpless & it’s involuntary for them to submit”
    2. “There is no suggestion at all in the Bible that Eve (symbolic of woman) was weaker than Adam mentally, morally or physically…. Satan chose Eve not because she was WEAK…”

    MEN ARE STRONG (hence women should submit)
    1. “The wife has a duty to enable her husband to shift from the foundation of POWER to that of love”.
    2. “..because of the power-orientation inherent in the nature of man”
    3. “Power cannot be detoxified by power”. (means: Men’s power can’t be detoxified by women’s power, hence, women should submit.)

  • “The wife’s duty to submit to her husband must be seen as integral to her calling to be a “proper help,” as God envisaged her to be.” (God too was a male chauvinist ?) “Given the dynamics of family life as well as male nature, the quality of being ‘proper’ has to include wifely submission in order to help the husband to become a ‘proper’ husband” (so whatever is the Male nature, the wife has to adjust accordingly in order to rectify it.)
  • Here’s the candy that they throw to the gullible women to make them submit “It is through holy submission that Mary became the mother of the Lord, the most blessed among all women. She submitted herself to the will of God saying, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.”“

  • In short, for husbands, relationships are not just the means for private pleasure, and it’s women’s DUTY to hold the family together, apparently, by OBEYING her husband.

– Nishant Das (Follow me on Facebook)