An excerpt from a class 8 textbook labels the Godhra massacre as one of the worst among the “wars” of the “World” in this age, waged by the “fundamental Hindus” who are the “Filth of the human race”. Appalling! How Congress manipulates history books to brainwash small children into their vote banks.

  1. With approx. 1200 casualties, does it remotely qualify to be the biggest massacre of this age?
  2. Was it triggered by the Hindus? Why isn’t there a single mention of the burning of 59 innocents inside the Sabarmati express train?
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In the post-independence era, the congress party, having seized the power, has left no stone unturned in pursuing its political interests through subtle tactics like – naming government policies & awards on the name of its leaders, granting civilian awards to its own leaders, naming public holidays after their chosen leaders of the past. Here’s a list of things named after Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi:

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Furthermore, their ”political longevity” was so dear to them that they didn’t mind being unjust to the war heroes of India’s freedom struggle. They stooped to the level of altering history to inflate the contribution of a section of leaders of the freedom struggle while ignoring that of the others.

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Adding insult to injury, the Congress party teaches children about the “Charisma” of Rahul Gandhi. Not only our freedom fighters are denied a space in the textbooks but also, the meaning of the word “Charisma” is in a spot of bother.

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As if all that wasn’t enough, the Congress party is now indulging in poisoning the tender minds of the primary school students by serving them with communal hatred against the majority community – the Hindus, promoting anti India sentiments as early as at the age of class 4 students. Yes, the so called “Secular” congress has been playing with the secular fabric of the nation for its vested interests, even at the cost of the nation’s interest. Recently, HRD minister Smriti Irani quoted a few examples in her speech in the Lok Sabha, to bring forth how education, especially history, has been saddled with left-liberal bias.

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To prove how Congress manipulates history books to host animosity between communities at a very young age, she read out from a book written by Teesta Setalvad, commissioned by Kapil Sibal during Congress regime. She claimed it is in the curriculum of Class 4 at Don Bosco Boys School in Matunga, Mumbai.

Reading out excerpts from the curriculum of Class 4, about Shivaji, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Hindu-Christian riots in Kanyakumari, the “propaganda” of Hindu organisations targeting Christian minorities, Irani concluded, “You are teaching this to a child in the 4th standard. This is their idea of secular education!”

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Pic courtesy – ABP news

Even if the administration of the Matunga school has refuted the claim saying the handbook was discontinued way back on 2001 within a year of its introduction, the INTENT of Teesta Setalvad & the Congress is what is under the scanner. Is it less of a crime to “Attempt a murder”?

Opposing the rightists in the political arena is fine, but using the impressionable minds of school going children as vote banks, is an unpardonable crime.

Beneath the camouflage of being a “Centrist” party, Congress has always pandered to the Leftist ideology, handing the reins of the history textbooks to the left leaning historians. It’s an open secret that Congress has successfully tailored the history of India to suit their political interests, but with this excerpt about the Godhra riots of 2002, Congress has gone way too far.

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