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5 Highlights of latest Netaji files declassification

Every batch of declassified files of Netaji drives another nail in the coffin of an already   slumping Congress party. With the latest Netaji files declassification, the ghost of Congress’s past has come back to haunt the party again.


Living up to its election promise, the BJP government opened a Pandora’s box on Congress when the 1st 100 Netaji files were declassified on his birth anniversary – 23rd January 2015.   The major take outs from that release are listed in this video : Excerpts of 1st batch of Netaji Files declassification

On Tuesday, the Congress party’s reputation took another hit when a batch of 50 files of Netaji were declassified. 

Major excerpts of latest Netaji files declassification :

1.  The 3 broadcasts supposedly made by Netaji

Netaji Subhas Bose made three ‘broadcasts’ on dates after he’s thought to have died in a plane crash in Taiwan on August 18, 1945.

1st broadcast, by Bose ( December 26, 1945.)
“I am at present under the shelter of great World powers. My heart is burning for India. I will go to India on the crest of a Third World War. It may come in ten years or even earlier. Then I will sit on judgment upon those trying my men at the Red Fort,”

2nd broadcast, ( January 1, 1946 )

“We must get freedom within two years. The British imperialism has broken down and it must concede independence to India. India will not be free by means of ‘non-violence’. But I am quite respectful to Mahatma Gandhi.”

3rd broadcast ( February 1946 )

“This is Subhas Chandra Bose speaking, Jai Hind. This is the third time I am addressing my Indian brothers and sisters after Japan’s surrender… The PM of England is going to send Mr Pethick Lawrence and two other members with no object in view other than let the British imperialism a permanent settlement by all means to suck the blood of India.”

Taking into account the letter of Nehru to the then PM of Britain – Clement Attlee, written in December 1945 (exposed in the 1st batch of declassification of files), and coupling it with these 3 broadcasts, it’s abundantly clear that Netaji did NOT die on 18th August 1945. 

2.  A letter by Gandhi’s Secretary to Viceroy Mountbatten

The declassified file also refers to a letter of July 22, 1946, from Khurshed Naoroji, one of Gandhi’s secretaries, addressed to Louis Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of the British Indian Empire.

Naoroji writes to Mountbatten. :-

“At heart, the Indian Army is sympathetic to the INA (Bose’s Indian National Army). If Bose comes with the help of Russia, neither Gandhiji nor Nehru nor the Congress will be able to reason with the country,” 

3.  Message received by Mountbatten from the British directorate of military intelligence

The declassified files also reveal that according to  the diary of Mountbatten, he had received a dispatch from the British directorate of military intelligence, even after the news of Bose’s death in the crash, the message was :-

“When Bose was preparing to leave Burma by plane, the Chinese intercepted a message from the Japanese asking him to remain in Burma. Bose subsequently escaped to Thailand.”

4.  Meeting of British PM with Indian Viceroy over “finalisation of a policy towards Bose”, even after the supposed plane crash 

The declassified file refers to the British government, on October 25, 1945, taking up the issue of Netaji having died in the air crash. It says the British Prime Minister was chairing a meet to consider, among other things, what to do with Bose in the post-war situation. The British cabinet discussed a confidential note sent by the Viceroy of India, Lord Wavell, regarding the “finalisation of a policy towards Bose”.

Netaji, INA, Subhas Chandra Bose, January 23, TMC, Tutor Mantra College, Tutor Mantra @ Tutor Mantra!

5.  A confirmation that the documents on his disappearance and death were destroyed

The declassified files almost seal the fact that the documents belonging to the PMO on the Justice Mukherjee commission of inquiry mention that some files, including a proposal to keep Bose’s ashes in a memorial at Delhi’s Red Fort, were either not “readily traceable” or “destroyed”. Most of the files are likely to have been destroyed in the 60s and 70s, one file noting points out.

How bizarre is it that the documents of historical importance were destroyed by Congress governments. How on earth can a file concerning Subhas Bose’s death got destroyed in 1972 when the matter was under investigation by a judicial commission? 

These are not only the questions raised by author Anuj Dhar but also a huge dent on the Indian National Congress’s claim of being the “only” party that won us the freedom.

How dare they tamper with India’s history & subdue war heroes for their selfish motives, THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW!

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  1. The people around Netaji were all along silenced or ignored & blacked out systematically. Only a Nationalist (Modi ) Govt could have brought the Truth. Only God knows how much Truth has been Erased !!!

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