Growing Intolerance : A non-existent phenomenon blown out of proportion!


I can actually prove that there’s NO “growing Intolerance” in Modi‘s India “Empirically”!

Data from the Ministry of Home Affairs on the NUMBER of incidents of communal violence nationwide :
2012 – 668
2013 – 823
2014 – 644 (of which 232 during January-May under UPA)

Now, let’s take up the total number of Communal violence incidents under MODI’s india in ONE YEAR :
2014 – June to December = (644 – 232) = 412
2015 – January to May = 287
So in 1 year (June 2014 to May 2015) = 412 + 287 = 699

The database :

P.S. The graph shown above, represents the fall in the number of communal violence incidents ever since the Modi government has taken office. This clearly depicts that both – the number of incidents & the number of persons killed, have gone down.

However, it takes into account the numbers from January, up to the month in 20215 when the graph was made. I would prefer to consider a total of 12 months (1 year) from June 2014 to May 2015 for the analysis. Because of the simple reason that we are comparing 1 year’s performance of UPA & NDA governments.

Dear AWARD returners,

1. Is 699 greater than 823 in 2013 ?

2. 699 is marginally greater than 668 in 2012, then where is the HUGE upsurge of growing intolerance ?

3. If data doesn’t allow you to assert the increase in communal incidents, तो क्या सपने में आया था Intolerance का idea ?

4. Have u conducted any ground survey to back your claim that “India has gone more communal under Modi” ?

5. If neither data nor opinion poll supports you, then how on earth you sniffed the air of INTOLERANCE ? Isn’t all this a politically motivated drama against Modi ?


Now, let’s take a look at how illogical the drama of Award Returning is: 

The ‪‎AwardWapsi‬ program is – So साहित्यिक! but NO Logic !

1.Returning the “Sahitya Academy Award”, as a mark of protest against the GOVERNMENT, implies that according to them, the academy is not autonomous but government controlled.

2. This is an indirect confession of the fact that they received the awards with due intervention of the then government (congress).

3. This, in a way, reveals their political affiliation & hence, no wonder why they are raising a false alarm against the current govt, thereby returning favors to their masters.

4. Those who are returning their awards, had received it HAPPILY in the aftermath of the Sikh‬ massacre,

5. They didn’t realize the “growing intolerance” during the pinnacle of all communal violence – The Kashmiri‬ pandit exodus.

6. They chose to keep mum all through these years which saw communal riots of muzzafarnagar, bhagalpur etc. Why? because “secular” congress was ruling?

7. Those who are blaming “Kalburgi” murder to the central government, must also blame “Dabolker” murder to the then ruling congress. Why didn’t they return the awards during congress era ?

8. Even if these 2 killings – Dadri & Kalburgi were (let’s assume) of communal nature, law & order are state subjects, then why blame center?

9. In 2002, Modi was ruling state, so they blamed state government for the riots. Again in 2015, Modi is in center, so they blamed central government for the violence. In short, irrespective of the area of jurisdiction, just BLAME Modi. 

10. Most importantly, we are getting to know about these authors more for their returning of the awards instead of them getting their awards. Do you get the obvious implication ?

Hypocrite Award returners, your cheap stunt to gain popularity, at the same time, to malign PM Modi & India, has been EXPOSED. 

No wonder, The CJI of India cleared the air on this drama of Intolerance, dismissing all such speculations, he stated that there’s politics involved in it. BUT, for those who still want to believe on what Amir & Sharukh had to say on Intolerance, ignoring what the supreme court head had to say, here’s a fitting replyWhy believe The Chief Justice Of India’s opinion on Intolerance & not that of Amir Khan ?

And for those who want an “answer” from PM Modi on every sneeze of minorities, and for those who want his “resignation” on every cough that other BJP leaders make, here’s why he shouldn’t bother : How hard PM Modi works – his schedule

– Nishant Das