In the aftermath of Pathankot terrorist attack & Malda Violence, why so much love for Ghulam Ali ? If Kashmir is ranked one,(68%) then West Bengal (27%) & Kerala (26%) will follow the rankings at number 3 & number 4, if you know what I mean. Then is it a mere coincidence that so much of love for Ghulam Ali is pouring out of the hearts of the CMs of these 2 states?

Not allowing Ghulam Ali to perform in India is NOT an issue of “Intolerance” by any stretch of imagination. Ghulam Ali is “potentially” an offender of the law of the land & he should have been denied India’s visa long back. And mind you,  it has NOTHING to do with religion.

ART doesn’t have boundaries but ARTISTS who carry out Illegal activities MUST have boundaries right ?

Let’s browse the past a bit, when the ruling parties were “Tolerant”.

Back in 2011, the Legendary Singer Jagjit Singh had demanded a Ban on Pakistani‬ singers, following the detention of Pakistani artist Rahet Fateh Ali Khan at an Indian airport for carrying undeclared cash. He said -“We have been giving them opportunities and they are exploiting us.

“If he does an illegal thing, he will get caught. He was carrying undeclared cash, that too without paying taxes. He is a criminal in that case. Authorities have full right to take action,” said the singer.

CLICK here to read Jagjit Singh’s statement

Recently, Pankaj Udhas said – Ghulam Ali has never paid Income Tax for last 35 years, he takes ‘hawala’ money from Indian concert tickets back to Pakistan. Udhas  alsostated that Ali does not play in India for the public’s love, he does it for the money.

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Singer Abhijit said – “While Pakistan-sponsored terrorists were gunning down innocents in Kashmir and carrying out massacres,Indian television channels were busy airing songs of Pakistani singers.”

CLICK here to read Singer Abhijit’s statement

Anybody, and mark my words, anybody whether Hindu or Muslim, who breaks the law, carries out illegal activities, is a criminal.

Moreover, if someone hails from a country which has fought 4 wars with that of ours, MUST be taken with a pinch of salt,  and it’s no god damn secret that Pakistan is the terror hub for the entire world. So it’s more than obvious to see its citizens with an eye of suspicion.

The whole world double checks Pakistanis before allowing them on their soil. Why shouldn’t we ? Just because we are extra secular ?

Pakistan has not only waged war upon us 4 times but even during peace time it prepares for war.  It’s a nation which is continuously at war with India & in addition it supplies terror to the rest of the world as well.

Some pertinent questions that bother my mind:

  1. If the government can ban cricketing ties between India and Pakistan because it would hurt the sentiments of soldiers, why so much of fuss when cultural exchange programmes like concerts are canceled ?
  2. It doesn’t take a sherlock Holmes to infer that a part of the undeclared cash of these Pakistani singers, travels through the Hawala Network, to those who train Terrorists to blast the innocent citizens of India, like in Mumbai & in Pathankot recently.  We curse the government when a terror strike takes place, but then why not unanimously reject those who indirectly fund them ?
  3. Late Jagjit Singh voiced his opinion years back & Pankaj Udhas voiced it 3 months back. Are they from some saffron brigade ? Are they RSS agents ? Was BJP or Shiv Sena ruling when they raised their voices? How does religion come into the picture ?
  4. Not one but 2 artists from Pakistan are under the scanner, isn’t it high time to give it a thought, even if not a ban ? Why are we refraining from even questioning them? Just because they are Muslim, and we are over secular, they get away with the vote bank sympathy ?
  5. ART doesn’t have boundaries but ARTISTS who carry out Illegal activities MUST have boundaries right ? Where was freedom of expression when Tasleema Nasreen was physically manhandled, hit & intimidated ? Isn’t she an artist of writing too ?
  6. Kejriwal invites Ghulam Ali to Delhi & guarantees security to his concert. On the other hand, recently in October 2015, in Delhi, 3 unfortunate rapes happened within 24 hours. And he blamed it on police, LG, Modi & what not. Apparently, he can protect his “minority” vote bank but he can’t provide protection to women. Isn’t it utter hypocrisy?
  7. Mamata Di shares stage with & felicitates Ghulam Ali, but turns a blind eye to Tasleema Nasreen, another artist seeking refuge in West Bengal. If Mamata has so much of “mamata” for Bangladeshi immigrants then why a staunch NO to a writer who has simply exercised her freedom of expression against a tolerant & peaceful community ?
  8.   Another secular Nazi who banks heavily on minority vote bank to survive in the political arena – Oman chandi – the CM of Kelara extended his open arms to welcome Ghulam Ali for a concert. Aren’t these politicians traitors? Isn’t it a treason to encourage the potential threats to the nation merely for political mileage?

Knowing fully that Pakistan sponsors terrorism in India, if we boycott suspicious people like Ghulam Ali (even on mere grounds of tax evasion), isn’t it prudent to boycott these potential traitors? Please note I have purposefully used the word “potential” since the charges are not proven yet.

Anyone from Pakistan can have links to the enemies of our nation. Then how does “religious bias” come into play while barring them into our land ? If being cautious about nation security is “Intolerance” then hell yeah! we are INTOLERANT.

Dear secular fraternity, just because a culprit is a Muslim you can’t give him extra sympathy for the sake of oiling your political machinery.  You have shown how eager you were in defending Afzal Guru, how you woke till 2 am midnight to save Yakub Memon.

In the after math of Pathankot, we see Ghulam Ali getting a wholehearted welcome in Kerala & Bengal – the 2 states where peaceful population is maximum after Kashmir & Assam. Does this imply that the community supports Pakistan?

Stop giving religious colors to every protest that is staged against potential suspects, perpetual traitors & convicted criminals from a certain community.

If Mamata & Oman Chandi are trying to woo their traditional vote banks by entertaining Pakistanis, then it poses a serious question – “Are these voters – a Pakistan favoring community? If yes, then don’t they pose a threat to India? given that Pakistan’s terror factory primarily aims to destroy India”

– Nishant Das ( Follow me on Facebook)