Well, there’s no true yardstick for comparison between Modi and Congress, because you can’t compare a Visionary with a Mercenary. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some  appalling differences in the expenses & the working styles of Modi and Congress.


  1. The total expenditure on renovation of PM’s residence, by Manmohan Singh in 2004, was Rs 1,18,51,841. While PM Modi spent only Rs 70 Lakh when he moved into PM’s residence in 2014.

  2.  Even in 2014, Manmohan Singh spent Rs 1,76,38,377 while shifting to Motilal Marg residence, which is also way more than PM Modi’s expenses of mere 70 Lakhs on 7 RCR.

  3. Congress purchased a new bulletproof BMW car as soon as Manmohan Singh became PM in 2004. But PM Modi refused to buy one in 2014. He continues to use the old car of Manmohan.

  4. In order to reduce the expenditure of government’s treasure, in foreign accommodation, PM Modi has reduced the number of members who accompany him in his foreign trips. His fleet size is 28 to 33 members only.  While in congress’s reign, the team of PM used to consist 43 to 49 members.

  5. In his domestic trips also, PM Modi has cut down the number of team members to 21 to 31 members only, this used to be nearly 23 to 41 members during Congress’s tenure.

  6. According to an RTI, PM Modi has not taken a single leave since he has taken up his office on 26th May 2014. Within the duration of 26th May 2014 to 13th August 2014, he had worked 781 hours in office. The RTI also says that he worked 4 hours outside office everyday.So, on an average, 14 hours of work everyday, without any day off. Hats off!. These figures can’t be compared to that of previous PM because mostly worked from HOME.

  7. As soon as Modi became PM, he convened an “All level Secretary Meet” – a meeting that includes all officers from all departments. But this kind of a meeting was NEVER held in Congress’s government of last 10 years.

  8. As soon as Congress took PM office in 2004, they changed the cabinet secretary , who only had 2 months to go for his retirement. But PM Modi didn’t change any officers at that level. Let alone Babus, PM Modi didn’t even change his housekeeping staff & security staff at the PM’s residence.

With the hard work he himself puts up everyday, PM Modi has made life difficult for those government officials who evade work while thriving on public’s / taxpayers’ money.


No matter how many election promises he fulfills, full marks to him for his efforts. He has definitely brought a change in the “ways of working” of the government.

His actions speak louder than his words. If this isn’t good governance than what else is ?

These differences between Modi and Congress rule clearly show how much PM Modi cares for the Public’s hard earned money.

The government doesn’t have any money of its own. It’s public’s money. By running the government with minimum expenses, PM Modi is saving our money.

It is evident that “Modi Sarkar” is a government of the people, by the people & for the people of India. Yes, this is “Ache Din” in reality.

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– Nishant Das ( Follow me on Facebook)