This video clearly shows that PM Modi’s foreign trip targeted unreasonably, as he was prompted by officer-in-charge, in Moscow, to start walking.

PM Modi is on a two-day visit to Russia and is expected to sign major trade and defence agreements with President Vladimir Putin.

PM was captured on camera walking while Indian national anthem was being played and subsequently nudged  by a Russian official to move back.

As the prime minister began to walk on the red carpet, the waiting band suddenly began to play the Indian national anthem. Following which,Prime Minister was gently pulled back by a Russian official as it was a breach of protocol for a head of state to not remain in attention during the national anthem.

 But just in the beginning of the video, it can be clearly seen that Prime Minister only moved after the officer-in-charge prompted him to start walking and national anthem began at the same time.
“Spending so much time abroad seems to have made PM forget what the Indian National Anthem sounds like.” – said Congress leader Manish Tewari.
Wel, Political parties are known for what they do when they are in power, and not for what they say when they are in opposition. So Mr. Manish tiwari & all others from congress can sit out there blabbering things. It doesn’t matter much. They have already defined themselves in the last 10 years..

And mind you, this was not the 1st occasion when we are witnessing PM Modi’s Foreign trip targeted

Here are 3 more occasions when Congress & the media crooks working on Congress’ payroll targeted PM Modi and got flatly EXPOSED!

  1. IFS officer Vivek Kumar dismissed allegations of journalist Mihir Sharma after the presstitute said Modi was not wearing headphones (which are used to listen translations) in French meeting. He said on Twitter – “Wanted to let you know about an invention called single ear earphones.”
  2. Modi haters trended #ModiDisrespectsTricolor, shaming the nation just to pursue their political agenda, the clarification came on TWITTER – “Story about PM Modi disrespecting the tricolor is false and mischievous. PM didn’t autograph the flag. The flag autographed by PM Modi was a design made by an enthusiastic child with unique abilities. It is not the tricolour.”
    images3. When journalists like sagarika ghose & Rana Ayyub spread rumours about Mod’s foreign visits, like a false cost of his suit, Louie Vuitton Shawl (which it wasn’t), every time, someone or the other comes out to bust these lies by putting up evidence on Social Media.

– Nishant Das