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Kerala Church appeals for Christian Muslim unity against Hindu unification

Keeping Kerala elections in the hindsight, Kerala Church appeals for Christian Muslim unity against Hindu unification The spokesperson of kerala catholic church has appealed for a Christian, Muslim, communist unity and deject Hindu unity in Kerala.


Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP) was constituted about a century ago to reform the Ezhava Hindu community. Now, after 60 years of neglect under various secular governments, Hindus of various denominations in Kerala are trying to come together on a common platform under the leadership of SNDP General How Kerala church perceives the attempts of Hindu unification?

Secretary Vellapally Natesan, The ‘Samatva Munnetta Yatra’ (March for Equality) led by Natesan started onNovember 23 from Madhur in Kasargod district, Kerala and concluded on December 5th in Thiruvananthapuram.

Interestingly, on 4th December, a Malayalam daily (which claims to be independent but is owned by a Christian family) published an article by Father Paul Thelakat, Spokesperson of the influential Syro Malabar Church under the head “This isn’t democratic language of equality”

Here’s the article Article in Malayalam
An almost literal translation of the article is as follows.

“Samatha Yatra led by Vellapally Natesan is moving through Kerala. Natesan is someone who keenly imitates the structure of the Church. I am happy that it is helpful for SNDP organisation. But maybe due to the peculiarities of our consumerist culture, he is in the grip of intense hatred. And he exhibits hatred towards church overtly and covertly. He says that the aim of his ‘Samathwa Yatra’ is to unify Hindus. But I think he has embarked on the unification yatra without knowing the essence of Hindu civilisation. Because Hindu unity is not Hinduism.

There is no dream or vision of unity in Hinduism. Hindutvavadis say so (put forth the idea of unity) for political power. Because, there is nothing about unity or brotherhood in the origins of that civilisation. Brothers will unite even if their father is not good, because they are born of the same father. There is nothing that makes unity possible in Hinduism. They don’t believe in a common father. Even the Gods are different.

Equality and fraternity require a common heritage. There is a common heritage and one God behind French revolutionary ideals like equality, fraternity, and liberty. Islam too has these. But there is no unifying concept in Hinduism. There is hierarchical discrimination even in the birth from Brahma.

The ideals which Vellappally exhort are borrowed from neighbours. Uniting inherently divided people reminds of an old story repeating– story of the fox which got angry at the lamb which muddied the water. Anger is the craving to kill and eat. Nairs didn’t consider Ezhavas as equals; denied them entry into temples. So they built Ezhava temples which in turn denied entry to Paraya and Pulayas. Now Vellappally conducts Samathwa yatra as if Christians and Muslims are at fault for this. The question may arise; are Ezhavas Hindus? E Madhavan in his (book) ‘Swathanthrya Samudayam’ asserts that Ezhavas are Buddhists who came from Sri Lanka. It is clear from Sri Narayana Guru’s and Kumaran Asan’s writings too. In Kerala, Syrian Christians also have Buddhist ancestry. Their terminologies like ‘Palli, Appan, Muthappan’ and women’s traditional attire like `Mundu’ and `Chatta’ indicates the Buddhist influence. Buddhist heritage is of the sangha (community) and brotherhood.

It is Christians and Muslims, whom Vellappaly is ousting from unity. Under Brahminical rule, land was Brahma swam (property of brahmins) and Deva swam (property of gods). Ezhavas, Christians and Muslims were living solely out of agriculture leasing the land under the systems of `Pattam’, `kanam’, and `Vaaram’. Government jobs and land belonged to aristocracy…. It was E M S Namboothirippadu’s land reforms which secured these three communities their own agricultural land. The basis for this revolution in Kerala was foreign. During independence movement, people like Nehru discovered India in Renaissance humanism, a western concept. Moreover, the brotherhood created by the one god and the one parents of Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious tradition based on the faith of Abraham. Ezhava renaissance too is related to Communism which is also part of the same stream.

Ezhava community had once considered joining the Church. Later many of them came under the umbrella of communism. This renaissance was not from any Hindu value. If Father Chavara and Mother Theresa brought about miracles in Indian society, it is the outcome of Christian humanism. If It is not from Hindutwa’s Gharwapasi, but because (poet) Changampuzha and (writer) Thakazhi imbibed the humanitarian ideals of communism that Malayapulayan got the rights of the banana he cultivated and son of a scavenger was recognised as a human too.

In independent India, Ezhavas, Christians, and Muslim grew under the progressive outlook. Christian educational institutions were born. `Pallikkodam’s (schools) that were built alongside churches founded by Father Chavara were not meant to teach only Christians. Hindus and Muslims also developed by learning from those schools. Muslims became more interested in education only now. Recently, Christians, especially the Catholic Church took interest in job-oriented higher education institutions. Self-financing institutions was a key step forward in Kerala’s development. Church started self-financing institutes not to flaunt money, but to fulfil a social need. Hence, the allegation that Church was doing business and used minority rights to make money are nothing but borne out of severe hatred.

When Church stepped into this field, all those temples which house tonnes of gold and riches were sitting idle like the ghost guarding the gold. Money is not enough, one also needs a vision which can do well to people. Ezhavas are not poor in Kerala’s consumer market. One needs to learn to see what lies beneath them too. There are people weaker than Ezhavas and this includes some Christians too. Poverty and weakness have no religion. The focus should be on development of all, especially the weaker sections. This is a matter of justice.

We have to go forward, not backwards. Equality is an ideal yet to achieve. The objective should be this equality, but for that the way out is not to travel back to ‘chaturvarnya’. The language of Hindu unity isn’t that of equality or democracy. There is no assurance that the government they will bring about will be democratic. Will equality be ushered in by drowning Christians and Muslims in the Arabian Sea?

Democracy is a prayer and a blessing; democracy which is the outcome of the combined force of peoples freedom and rationalism. That can be achieved only when people like Vellappally speak the language of democracy. It is not the order of hierarchy of nature. It is the lifestyle of human qualities like common sense, civilised discourse and mutual respect. It pains me to write that Vellapally’s language is not of this democratic culture. Let the language be of equality and fraternity. As a Christian, I never learn to define brotherhood based on religion and caste, which is why I write this note in fellowship.

– Nishant Das ( Follow me on Facebook)


  1. Then why don’t you ask the Muslims to affix the sliced hand of the Christian professor and restore the virginity back to the ‘trafficked for sex’ girls by Muslims. The Christian community should be aware that the security of Christians is better in Hindu majority areas in India than even the Christian majority areas ( where Muslims form a sizeable number) .Goa is an example of peace and harmony because Hindus and Christians are there. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Assam, south Tamil nadu, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany etc. are examples of Christians silenced to bear agonies at the hands of Muslims.

  2. Just one question all christian and muslims were Hindus before.when they couldnt understand thier root religion how they will understand any other religion.
    Even Jesus has become more or less lke a hindu god where christians are using all hindu techniques to a hindu all gods are one. and we Indian will always lick anything that white people will throw at us.

  3. Public of Kerala must be united against such orthodox minds who are trying to divide people by their religion. Specially Hindu should be careful and also vote out them during election time.

  4. kajruddin chutwaisi

    March 26, 2016 at 8:37 am

    hindus gave the current human civilisation which we see. isai padris started all sorts of immoral practices which must be stopped. MullaMadrassas must be closed down.

  5. Where is the link/news link about the Church’s appeals…?

  6. Mr Nishant Das . You are well paid freeloader and so you can keep writing any garbage against Hindu religion. But we are not freeloaders like you to keep writing answers to all your Garbage. But you did mention about Hindus can never unite because we don’t have one Father as you claim to have. I can answer for that stupid statement, but let me for arguement sake accept what you say. But don’t you know more humanity has been killed between the fights raging from the day you people with one father appeared on earth and the killers are the same people who have one father. Hindus didn’t kill more Christians or Muslims or Jews than you yourselves are killing each other. Your Christianity is a laughing stock in History channel they way you treated the natives of South America, American Red Indians, thee native Hindus of Goa , Africans. Wherever you set foot you had butchereed those who welcomed your kind . And still you have the audacity of calling yourself progressive. Very funny and don’t make a clown out of yourself. I tell you something. Out of creatures that are supposed to have created by your Holy Father, only human being can not smell his own ass and that is why he always keeps trying to clean others ass. So thrive on your glory if you have any instead of trying to pick on a Religion that has seen millions of years and still going strong. All so called charities being done by your religion is with the sole purpose of buying flocks ( not spiritually enlightened individuals with clear thinking ) and that is only amounts to doing spiritual prostitution.

  7. Ajay krishna das

    March 28, 2016 at 5:52 am

    Abrahamic sects start with differentiation of believers and non believers so where is equality? When non believers because they just don’t believe in your so called prophet or apostle is cast in to eternal hell without any chance for redemption ? Is this the most unifying, equal and just faith?
    In all the Hindu scriputes it is stated that God is the supreme father of all living being including animals and plants. Where as your sect never believed that women too have souls. So which faith is more rational, merciful and equal ? I suggest you to first study the main scriptures of Hindu(Sanatan) dharma Srimad Bhagvad Gita and Srimad Bhagvatam. Don’t assume that just by retaining your Hindu name you know everything about Hinduism.

  8. This article spills shear hate towards hindu unification. The original author doesnt even know the hindu values and trying to poison the minds of people.

  9. I think that whoever “father” who has written this in anger is an idiot,arrogant and a brain dead specimen.When the white skins landed in India way back in 1800,they found educational standards were extensive and lot more people in % terms were literate than the white skins themselves.There was a unity of purpose and a sense of calm pervading in hindu culture inspite of the ravages of the islamic rule.What this idiot should realise that the white skins swindled the wealth of this nation leaving them as beggers. Some of these beggers who have been converts should realise that they are the coolies of whites who have become big on white skin handouts.Now times have changed,Hindus are again getting organised.How the society will shape is anybody’s guess but what is certain is that these minorities cannot punch way above their weight by dividing hindus and taking this country to pits as they have done since independence..Let them better get used to the new scenario.They will continue to do well (as they are our own,they are just converts for rice) in this land as the hindus have a tradition of enveloping everyone and carrying them along.Our temple wealth will again come back to society not in government hands as at present where major swindling has taken place by crooked government officials/politicians.We will build our schools,hospitals in a better way.Just you guys watch.

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