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5 Highlights of latest Netaji files declassification

Every batch of declassified files of Netaji drives another nail in the coffin of an already   slumping Congress party. With the latest Netaji files declassification, the ghost of Congress’s past has come back to haunt the party again.


Living up to its election promise, the BJP government opened a Pandora’s box on Congress when the 1st 100 Netaji files were declassified on his birth anniversary – 23rd January 2015.   The major take outs from that release are listed in this video : Excerpts of 1st batch of Netaji Files declassification

On Tuesday, the Congress party’s reputation took another hit when a batch of 50 files of Netaji were declassified.  Continue reading

8 Government updates from last week that no media covered

Caught in the महिमा-मंडान (glorification) of a sedition accused, the  mainstream media  somehow forgot (or willingly chose not ) to cover some important Government updates from last week.

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How Congress manipulates history books to brainwash small children into their vote banks

An excerpt from a class 8 textbook labels the Godhra massacre as one of the worst among the “wars” of the “World” in this age, waged by the “fundamental Hindus” who are the “Filth of the human race”. Appalling! How Congress manipulates history books to brainwash small children into their vote banks.

  1. With approx. 1200 casualties, does it remotely qualify to be the biggest massacre of this age?
  2. Was it triggered by the Hindus? Why isn’t there a single mention of the burning of 59 innocents inside the Sabarmati express train?
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Political pressure by congress to hide Ishrat’s LeT connection

Former Home Secretary GK Pillai said the Congress party intervened in the investigation of the Ishrat Jahan case. In an exclusive interview with Times Now, when he was asked about contradictory affidavits filed by MHA on Ishrat, Pillai said that it was not done at his level but at a political level.  He said – “This is something to be asked to the politicians”, thereby clearly hinting at Political pressure by congress to hide Ishrat’s LeT connection.ishratjahan3x2

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Smriti Irani’s speech in Lok Sabha

In what can be called as the most fierce counter by BJP to the opposition so far, HRD minister’s Smriti Irani’s speech in Lok Sabha sent ripples in the opponent camp.

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Zee News slams Afzal Gang of Media

Watch how Sudhir Chaudhary / Zee News slams Afzal Gang in Media. A section of journalists & media channels alleged ZEE News for airing the so called doctored (fake) videos of anti India sloganeering in JNU campus. (Video by Zee Media)


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Smriti Irani takes on Mayawati in Rajya Sabha on Rohith Vemula issue

Watch how Smriti Irani takes on Mayawati in Rajya Sabha on Rohith Vemula issue (Provided by Times Now)


Day 2 of Budget session saw a heated altercation between HRD minister Smriti Irani & the so called Messiah of Dalits – Mayawati.  As a result of which, the session had to be adjourned.

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List of left wing student organizations in JNU

There are the following left wing student organizations in JNU:


The Students Federation of India (SFI) is the student wing of the CPI(M) and the second oldest and the largest left students organization. It has throughout its history been the dominant force in the student union being in the majority in the union 18 out of 30 times. It was formed in 1970 in Trivendrum and has people like Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechuri as notable leaders who became senior leaders in the CPI(M).
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8 points of Comparison between Modi and Congress

Well, there’s no true yardstick for comparison between Modi and Congress, because you can’t compare a Visionary with a Mercenary. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some  appalling differences in the expenses & the working styles of Modi and Congress.


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Why so much love for Ghulam Ali

In the aftermath of Pathankot terrorist attack & Malda Violence, why so much love for Ghulam Ali ? If Kashmir is ranked one,(68%) then West Bengal (27%) & Kerala (26%) will follow the rankings at number 3 & number 4, if you know what I mean. Then is it a mere coincidence that so much of love for Ghulam Ali is pouring out of the hearts of the CMs of these 2 states? Continue reading

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