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Inferior status of Women in Christianity as preached by Pope Paul

As the activists & the journalists in India, all of a sudden, felt the dire need to uphold the rights of Hindu women, as if Hinduism was the most male chauvinistic doctrine of them all, it’s high time we brought to surface some of the deep rooted misogynistic teachings of Christianity.  Let’s see the break-down of Pope Paul’s sermons on why wives should submit to their husbands, evidently, a justification of the inferior status of women in Christianity.


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Kerala Church appeals for Christian Muslim unity against Hindu unification

Keeping Kerala elections in the hindsight, Kerala Church appeals for Christian Muslim unity against Hindu unification The spokesperson of kerala catholic church has appealed for a Christian, Muslim, communist unity and deject Hindu unity in Kerala.


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Malda like barbarism in Jharkhand now

We have already witnessed the stretching of Malda like barbarism in Purnia, Bihar.  Now a similar incident has taken place in Nawatand, in another neighboring state – Jharkhand. Nawatand is a village where Hindus are in minority. The big question is – Will the Malda like barbarism spread in every place where Hindus are less in number ?


People of Nawatand with a damaged vehicle

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Media can’t find fake Godmen in any other religion


“ढोंगी गुरु”  (self styled Fake Godmen) from ALL faiths should be brought to book. as rightly marked by Anupam Kher. Interestingly, Media can’t spot any fake Godmen in any other religion than Hinduism.

Selective outrage of Media when fake Godmen of Hindus are exposed 

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7 Reasons why Hindutva Ideology is NOT a “communal” agenda.


PM Modi Summarizes Hindutva in just one minute in This Video

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It’s “cool” to criticize HINDUISM, this makes you more Modern!


Foreigners find a spiritual connect to Hinduism while Indians continue to disdain it!



The history books keep an account of the invasions that India has withstood since the beginning of the civilization, but what they don’t record is – the intellectual depletion that has taken place over a thousand years of slavery.  Our colonial mindset doesn’t allow us to differentiate between “modernization” & “westernization”.

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