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All you need to know about Malda violence

Malda violence exposed the secularism of TMC, peace levels of the so called minorities and the  double standards of Media, Intolerance brigade & Award returners.

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Malda Violence was nothing short of a “Jihad” of our so called minority. In what can be called as a display of strength, the peaceful people hit the road (NH-34) . A mob of 2.5 Lakh Muslims rallied in a “peaceful” manner in the Malda district of West Bengal.  It was a “Tolerant” protest, of such a small scale that it was safely ignored by the  Media.

What exactly happened (in a sequence in Malda violence):

  1. A protest meeting against self-proclaimed Hindu activist Kamlesh Tiwari’s recent comment on Prophet Mohammad, convened by Edara-e-Sharia-Kaliachak, was to be held on Sunday, 3rd January, at Sujapur, a village in Kaliachak block of Malda district.
  1. The mob had blocked the NH-34 not even allowing a BSF vehicle to pass by. Vehicles and a NBSTC buses were stranded on NH-34. Protesters squatted on railway tracks of Khaltipur railway station for over six hours which led to disruption of train services.
  1. The mob gradually started unleashing hell by first ransacking an NTBC bus that was passing by. The passengers managed to escape death by the skin of their teeth.
  1. Then the mob vandalised the block development office (BDO) and nearby public property. Till now there was no apparent provocation that could explain this mob violence.
  1. Now, when police intervened, clashes broke out. Bombs were reportedly hurled at will, at the Cops on duty. The mob, in thousands, then forcefully entered the police station. Inspector in charge Subhabrata Ghosh and others were injured. Scared policemen allegedly scampered away.
  1. Then the mob of peaceful men set ablaze the Kaliachak Police station. Three ASIs – Ram Saha, Debdulal Sarkar, S. Bhowmik and 4 Civic police were injured while 10-12 police vehicles were damaged.
  1. Soon the mob set ablaze 20 vehicles stranded on NH-34 and over 30 persons including police officers were injured.
  1. Then, Shani-temple, Durga Temple and other Hindu temples were also attacked at Baliadanga, a residential area behind the police station.
  1. The mob didn’t stop there, later, around 25 Hindu houses and shops were also ransacked. The innocent residents & shopkeepers were looted & vandalized.
  2. A 22-year-old Hindu Samhati activist Gopal Tiwari aka Tanmay Tiwari sustained a gunshot; he was shot in the leg when he was protesting against the attack on the Police Station.

 It took 6 hours for the police to bring the situation under control, after several shots of blank firing. The Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel were also called in.


The aftereffects of the Malda violence :

  1. Shockingly, there has been no arrest in the protest led by Muslim mob. By taking no action, clearly, the Trinamool Congress-ruled West Bengal government is trying to appease and woo Muslim voters.
  1. A police constable (who requested repeatedly not to disclose his name) told this to a reporter- “the Police Minister, who is also the Chief Minister of West Bengal is playing with the lives of police personnel on her whim. She is telling us to be soft on Muslims and Muslims are trying to take police power in their hands. In one or two years Muslims will run this state, not the administration or police”.
  1. Let alone the national media, even the Mainstream Bengal media is suppressing this mayhem against Hindus.
  2. In a recent development, we are witnessing arrest of BJP members while TMC MPs are allowed free hand to deliver hate speeches.


The Hypocrisy is out & loud:

Just because the perpetrators in Malda violence belonged to Muslim community, we can observe a tectonic shift in the stand of our Mainstream Media.

Except for ZEE NEWS, no other channel even reported this horrific torture on Hindus. Let alone reporting it like “Muslim mob” (which they did say as “Hindu mob” in case of Dadri).  Shockingly, a delibrate effort is being made to suppress this massacre of Hindus.

The best part is, nobody is crying INTOLERANCE now!

  1. The national Media which covered the the Dadri incidence extensively, has kept pin drop silence over Malda violence.
  1. The same journalists of mainstream media – Rajdeep, Sagarika, Barkha etc. who debated for months over Akhlaq, have disappeared in the horizon.
  1. The entire intolerance brigade – Shahrukh, Aamir, Shobhaa dey et.c have kept mum.
  1. No intellectuals, filmmakers have yet returned any awards.
  2. No leaders from the “secular” parties have yet sympathized / met the victims. Of course the Kejriwals & the Gandhis spared no time in meeting Akhlaq.

There was NO justification for this Malda violence :

  1. Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan called RSS leaders as homosexuals. He also added that this was the reason why they don’t get married.
  1. Self-proclaimed leader Kamlesh Tiwari in his rebuttal, remarked that Prophet Mohammad was the first ever homosexual.
  1. Hindu Mahasabha has already clarified that Kamalesh Tiwari is NOT their Hindu leader.
  1. Since Kamlesh Tiwari was arrested in Lucknow, over his alleged remarks, on 3rd December itself, what was the point in protesting violently after one month ?
  1. The police has already imposed a case of National Security Act on Kamlesh Tiwari. A case under IPC sections 153-A (promoting enmity between groups on ground of religion and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony) and 295-A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) was registered against Tiwari at Lucknow’s Naka Hindola police station.
  1. So if everything that could be done under the law, was done to Kamlesh Tiwari, & the prosecution procedure is under way, then why this wrath on innocent Hindus? Their temples ? Public property ?
  2. Have the Muslims shown this much hurry for justice in cases of punishing terrorists like Yakub Menon & Afzal Guru ?

Eminent questions:

Jihadi didi has totally surrendered to the Muslim communal forces. The reckless & shameless Muslim appeasement in West Bengal for ‘Muslim vote’ is responsible for such upsurge of Islamic fundamentalism in the state. This leaves us with some questions:

  1. Hindus (30% at Kaliachak) in Malda are feeling utterly helpless. If police and BSF could not protect themselves, then how will they protect minority Hindus in Malda?
  1. Wherever Hindus are in minority, will the scenario be the same? Is this the TOLERANCE level of Muslims towards the Hindus when Hindus are in minority?
  2. What is the stand of the “Moderate” muslims on this? Why is no one condemning this yet?
  3. An Hindu Samhati activist was shot. Is Hindu Samhati a terrorist organization or the violent mob is ?


No wonder why ISIS is peaking its head in West bengal, the 2nd state after Kashmir where ISIS’s message clip was recently circulated.  If Mamata di continues to hold office, ethnic cleansing of Hindus & sharia law are inevitable.

– Nishant Das ( Follow me on Facebook)

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  1. Mamata bano not banerjee , she should be called like that is continuing the work started by the left that is converting bengal into iraq. Shameless ,spineless hindu bengalis are accepting that. Wake up or u have to face another bangladesh like messacre. Where are the bustards….. the prestitutes , seculars & award return ers , amirs & sharukhs , u do not find intolerance now.

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