I am Nishant Das, a passionate writer. I have made this website for those who closely follow current affairs, ongoing politics and everything that deserves attention from a nationalist’s point of view.

Our lives & our nation’s status, both depend on the government we choose. Our choices get influenced by “propaganda” by a certain section of electronic & print media. As a common man, I believe that I can contribute to my nation through social media which is becoming mightier by the day.

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My purpose is to equip people with “Facts” & “Logic” that can help them – firstly to frame an opinion over a concerned issue and then to counter those who disagree (either due to lack of awareness of relevant data or due to vested interests).

I operate through 4 simple steps:
1. Research for the facts, relevant data, history of the issue, background of the people involved
2. Analyze & connect the dots
3. deduce a logically driven conclusion
4. bust the hypocrisy & expose the hypocrites (if any).

I also have a keen interest in writing on cricket, inspirational biographies, religion, history, spirituality, success stories, motivational (non – fictional) blogs.