Is this what Nirbhaya deserved Mr. Kejriwal ? Is this Justice? Sympathy for the Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape ? 

3 years back, in this very month, December 2012, the cold streets of Delhi got heated up when people turned up to protest against the brutal gangrape of Nirbhaya.  Little did they know that they were about to choose a government which will sympathise with the Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape just because the culprit belonged to a community which plays a crucial role in the elections for this honest party.

  • Back then in 2012, did you not feel like hitting the shit out of the guy who first raped & then beat Nirbhaya to death with a rod?
  • Back then in 2012, did you not feel cheated when the hideous monster escaped the death punishment due to the technicalities of law ?

  • Back then in 2012, did you not want to get your own hands on that demon, on viewing the incidence from the eyes of Nirbhaya’s parents, brother or the friend in front of whom the heinous crime unfolded ?
  • Back then in 2012, did you not feel helpless to see Nirbhaya finally succumb to the death bruises that were mainly due to the assault of the inhuman physical torture of the “Juvenile”?
  • Back then in 2012, could you digest the fact that the so called juvenile who cleverly talked Nirbhaya into the bus, the one whose wounds eventually proved to be fatal, the king pin planner of the entire crime, will walk free?
  • Back then in 2012, did you not get scared from the notion of this wild beast roaming free in your streets where your sister, girlfriend & daughter might become his next prey ?
  • Back then in 2012, would you be able to find peace with yourself if somebody showed mercy to that inhuman rapist murderer who remotely seemed a juvenile? Would you be content if I said “Pardon him, he is just a juvenile who doesn’t know what he is doing”, inspite of knowing that he can RAPE, not only that but a PLANNED rape, by manipulating adult brains ?
  • Finally, tell me, back then in 2012, would you have chosen such a government dear Delhites ? if you knew that this government will be so generous to the most hideous culprit of Nirbhaya ?

Though unfortunate, the truth is, Gangrapes happen across the globe, but the key here is – “Brutal”, so damn brutal that the entire country came out to express solidarity to Nirbhaya- the 23 year old brave heart. The demon possessed perpetrators brutalised her in an inexplicable manner that she eventually succumbed to her injuries.

Kejriwal’s & AAP’s love for Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape:


Yes, you heard me right.6910_900351513366345_5542549869537191407_n

  • Aam Admi party is going to grant Rupees 10.000 to the juvenile rapist & murderer of Nirbhaya to help him start his tailoring business.
  • Hang on, care & tender from CM Kejriwal doesn’t end there, in order  to Aid the most brutal perpetrator, AAP will arrange for an NGO to donate a sewing machine to him.

A grand “welcome back” to a miscreant of the society!. t’s like – hey, are you jobless? Then commit a crime in Delhi, get a juvenile certificate ready, serve 3 years at reform home, & then get a business start-up aided by AAP government. Sounds cool ?

Conditions applied – you must belong to a certain community, AAP’s vote bank. Oh wait, did I forget to mention that the name of this monster is Mohammad Afroz ? Making sense now ? Kejriwal just loves to appease them.

Add to it the fact that Mohammad Afroz is radicalised by his inmate at the reform home who is another so called “Juvenile” terrorist- accused of Delhi High court blasts. This terrorist has motivated the rapist to join Jihad in Kashmir. No wonder, the rapist Afroz doesn’t regret any of what he has done. But hey, don’t these qualities make perfect recipe for AAP’s votes ? Mind you, Kejriwal has already supported terrorists of Batla house encounter.

BJP’s stand on the Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape


Dr. Subramanian Swamy of BJP, filed a petition to the Delhi High Court praying that the Delhi rape case juvenile convict should not be released. Swamy said the juvenile has been radicalized according to IB reports.

In September, an IB report said that teenager had been radicalised by one of the suspects of Delhi High Court blast of 2011. The report said that the teenager was being motivated for Jehadi, according to sources.

A high level meeting was called by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which was attended by DIB (Director Intelligence Bureau), special secretary internal security with MHA and (Commissioner of Police) CP, Delhi Police.

But again due to the slacks in the law, Delhi HC refuses to stay the release of Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape, as sought by the central (BJP) government and the Juvenile convict is set to walk free on Sunday.

  1. BJP has clearly recognised the threat of setting Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape free in the society without any surveillance.
  1. BJP’s Women and Child Welfare Minister Maneka Gandhi gas reiterated the statement of Nirbhaya’s parents – “Job, cash for juvenile in Nirbhaya case is like incentivising crime”
  1. BJP is hell-bent on passing the amendments in the Juvenile Justice Act that is stuck in Rajya Sabha which is dysfunctional thanks to the majority of members belonging to non-BJP camp.

So on one hand we have a party that took out candle light vigil for Nirbhaya before coming to power & changed its colours like a chameleon, and is now happy to provide Job & Cash to the Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape instead of placing surveillance on him.

On the other hand we have a party which tried hard to stop the release of this monster the Juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape – now a terrorist + murderer + rapist.

Thankfully, the latter party is at the centre, which at least provides me a sense of security. at least it doesn’t stoop to such low levels of injustice to the society, just to gain political mileage on a vote bank.

Choice is entirely yours. In fact, the people of India have already made their choice!


– Nishant Das