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Befitting rebuttal to all the allegations of Kejriwal in PS Rajendra Kumar CBI Raids

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Here are the 7 stupid allegations of Kejriwal on Rajendra Kumar  Issue

1. Narendra Modi a coward & a Psychopath !

  • Have any of you ever heard Modi calling names to this moron?
  • This moron retweeted vishal Dadhlani’s tweet in which he called Modi a mass murderer, did Modi retaliate with any filthy language ?
  • This moron & his brain dead AAPtards are crying foul saying – “How can you raid the office of a democratically elected CM’s office”. Wow fools, how can you hurl such abuses to a democratically elected PM then ?

If there’s nothing wrong happening In CM’s office then why is the lord of honesty Mr. Arvind Kejriwal scared of the raids even if the raids were in his office ?

2. Modi raided CM’s office

  • Former bureaucrat Ashish Joshi filed complaint against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Principal Secretary Rajender Kumar. The complainant has alleged that Rajender Kumar is involved in corruption. In his letter dated July 14, 2015, Joshi asked the Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police to forward his complaint to CBI. He has demanded a CBI probe into the alleged nexus between Rajender and a software firm.
  • The CBI director Anil Sinha admitted 2 days back – “till now NOT a single BJP leader has called me up to tell which agency should investigate what.”. How is MODI 


  • CBI conducted raids at 14 different places in Delhi & Uttar Pradesh, Why so much of fuss about his office only?
  • If CBI searched his office, then why doesn’t he take out the CCTV footage of the camera outside his room and prove it ?
  • Why did Manish sisodia leave the press conferrence as soon as straight questions started to get asked to him just after the 2nd question he took ?
  • If BJP is lying how could Mr. Ravishankar prasad answer all the questions straight forward in the press conference & not shy away like sisodia did ?

3. Why didn’t CBI inform CM before the raid

  • CBI followed its constitutional process & got issued a warrant against Rajendra Kumar from court before raiding. Why does it need permission of any politician for the raid ?
  • Rajendra Kumar is the same officer for whom Kejriwal bypassed LG Najeeb Jang’s approval before appointing him as Principal Secretary. Why should CBI notify Kejriwal? To save this tainted IAS ? 
  • If raids happen without a surprise why would we call it a raid? Will these raids be successful ever?

4. CBI’s raid is vendetta politics of Modi (It was uncalled for)

  • Wasn’t he the one who was shouting – “Bring a proof of corruption against anyone & we will nitiate action on him, even if it is Kejriwal, or sisodia” ? Then why is he going haywire today ?12347944_1029486877116276_375215494306679373_n
  • So why does he label it as vendetta politics instead of helping the government in it ?
  • Is his war actually against CORRUPTION or against MODI ?
  • Now who is behaving like a COWARD & tweeting like a PSYCHOPATH ? 
  • Why should the Principal Secretary of Arvind Kejriwal be spared by CBI ? Is he beyond law ?

5. A 4 pm Manish Sisodia says ” जब CM के office में कुछ नहीं मिला तब ये लोग कहते हैं की Raid IAS officer Rajender Kumar के office में था”

  • Early morning in the Parliament itself, Arun Jaitley declared that the raid was NOT in CM’s office.
  • Then Kejriwal called the Jaitley – a LIAR
  • Why doesn’t he take out CCTV footage outside CM’s office and prove that CBI raided CM’s room & hence prove that Jaitley is a LIAR ?

6. They cry foul saying “How can you raid the office of a democratically elected CM’s office”

  • An RTI query reveals that Anti-corruption bureau received 7 complaints against Rajendar Kumar. One was forwarded to CBI. Should CBI sleep over this complaint ?


  • Rs 3 lakh of foreign currency recovered from Rajendra Kumar’s home.


7. Why is CBI not raiding Shivraj Chauhan for Vyapam scam?

Shivraj Singh Chauhan was the 1st to ask for a CBI inquiry in the Vyapam Scam. And BJP welcomes any CBI raids regarding Vyapam scam. 

Why should the Principal Seretary of Arvind Kejriwal be spared by CBI ? Is he beyond law ? Is KEJRIWAL beyond constitution ? Whoever questions him, is either a liar or a coward or a psychopath ?

– Nishant Das


  1. What good can one except from a Anarchist naxalite who has become CM

  2. Well, according to his followers, good or bad – he is at least doing something 🙂

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