10 examples of Aamir Khan’s Hypocrisy



Here’s how Mr. Perfectionist has earned himself a new name – Mr. Pretentionist!

  1. He Denies the opening credits to Chetan Bhagat for the story line of 3 IDIOTS but when Chetan Bhagat asks him whether he had read the book – “5 point someone”, Amir admits that he hasn’t read the book. Wallah! how in the heaven did Aamir understand that his movie 3 Idiots was NOT an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s book? (whether it was or it wasn’t is a separate question altogether).
  1. He labels the language used in AIB’s roast episode as derogatory, suggests that AIB shouldn’t hurt people’s sentiments but the same man, Aamir Khan, justifies the Language used in the movie DELHI BELLY (his production) as the youth’s language !, says, if you can’t stand its language then don’t watch it. Genius!

  1. Hold on, the punch line is – Amir said AIB roast was offensive right? The point is – HE HADN’T WATCHED THE EPISODE! Damn ! He didn’t learn anything from “not reading the book fiasco” ? Shun your hypocrisy man & see / read the work of other artists / writers before you judge them.
  1. He never attends award functions in India as he doesn’t believe in them, he stopped attending from the days when he didn’t receive an award for Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar in 1992; the award had gone to Anil Kapoor for Beta, and also when Shahrukh Khan arrived on the scene, he won the best actor award for Baazigar(1993) and Aamir Khan’s performance in Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke(1993) didn’t win him an award.
    BUT he bounces up & down in OSCARS for Lagaan, when he looses to “No Man’s Land”, happily accepts his movie was not the best. Frankly, I feel Lagaan was way better than No Man’s Land, Just like Baazigar & Beta were better than Amir’s movies.
  1. He lectures people to go out and VOTE while he himself enjoys vacation in FRANCE, attending Canes film festival during 2014 assembly elections of Maharashtra. Apparently, he doesn’t practice what he preaches. Which also means that he hosts the TV show “satyamev Jayate” ONLY for the money ? (he charges 3 crores per episode & 2 Lakhs per 10 second ads of the series). And we thought he was the HERO with a great conscience!
  1. In his show Satyamev Jayate, he takes up issues like Rain water harvesting (season 1 episode 12) & solid waste management (season 2 episode 3) but he doesn’t feel the need to address small issues like Terrorism, child education is important but no mention of madrasas whatsoever, speaks high of honor killings but keeps mum on polygamy. People can see through your selective outrage Mr. Khan, at least now, after 3 seasons.
  1. Aamir Khan & his crew jump the queue in the Chennai airport & what’s even more shocking is that, he sits in the business class seat, spreading out leisurely to lounge which causes more discomfort to the fellow passengers. Shyamala Ashok, executive director of an NGO, narrated : “If these guys do not have a simple concern that many others have been waiting in line and that they should also obey rules why are they associated with programs such as Satyamev Jayate.” It is easy to advocate social responsibilities and moral obligations, but when it comes to practicing the same, the agenda changes dramatically-as per the convenience, Right Mr. (sanjaya Singhania of) Gajini ?
  1. He Blows the trumpet of secularism, endorses love marriages across castes, disdains orthodox Hindu traditions, BUT shows his own Islamic conservatism by saying – “My wives may be Hindu but my kids will always follow only Islam”. No issues with your personal choice, just that, stop showing off “modernization” to Hindus when you yourself are regressive.
  1. He rakes up social issues just before his movie release, like he lent support to “Narmada bachao andolan” just before “Rang de Basanti” and then he fled the scene forever! May be a victim of short term memory loss. Hang on, His movie – ‪Dangal is round the corner, so why note rake up Intolerance debate?
  1. Even in the Intolerance debate, Aamir Khan’s opinion falls flat on its back. Here’s why : –
  • In a country where 80% of the population is Hindu, he makes a satire on the faith of the majority community in his movie PK & lives happily with 600 crore revenue but deems the country as INTOLERANT.
  • Neither data nor any survey backs his claim of growing intolerance.Here’s proof that there exists no intolerance Intolerance – A non existent narrative
  • He has declared PM Modi – a mass murder & guilty of Gujrat riots even before the verdict from court was out. Why shouldn’t we believe that this opinion on intolerance was politically motivated? Just like the other politically motivated participants in the drama of Intolerance Politics involved in “intolerance” hype – says CJI
  • Moreover, when a politically untouchable person like the chief justice of India has dismissed any Intolerant atmosphere, why should we believe the opinion of a pretentious prick who has a history of hypocrisy as listed above?

Your opinion on Intolerance served your political interests very well at the same time, it set stage for a controversy, for the hype of your upcoming movie – Dangal. Masterstroke eh? Do you know how much it costed the nation? Yet you are still the same Genius who declares credits before reading the book, states a show offensive before watching it, opines an atmosphere intolerant before observing the facts!

Of course you are entitled to your opinion Mr. Aamir Khan, but when you are a celebrity, your opinion hits international headlines, & ONE irresponsible announcement of your opinion can shame the entire nation. So frame your opinion based on facts & not on political affiliations.

And you yourself said that it was “bizarre” to say that “we should leave the country” by Kiran Rao, Then what made you go public with this bizarre statement ? Not only you drew the attention of international media to a nonexistent Intolerant atmosphere in India, you also made a huge section of Muslims feel insecure in India.

Ashamed to have an Icon like you, who is unworthy of being considered as a voice of the nation. Your hypocrisy stands EXPOSED!

– Nishant Das